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"The Accessibility Forum brings accessibility stake-holders together to support informed decisions about E&IT products relative to Section 508."

Accessibility Forum Projects Overview

Past Project Information

  • AT/E&IT Interoperability
    Identified, prioritized and facilitated the need for E&IT and AT interoperability standards (includes analysis of problems in the AT interface that are introduced by user practices).
  • Objective Measures 
    Identified Section 508 provisions where objective measures may be effective and appropriate, then identified and developed such measures.
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The projects followed similar processes and products. In terms of process, Project Teams met primarily via teleconferences, with some email exchanges in between teleconferences. The teleconferences followed a published agenda. Products include summaries of the teleconferences documenting team agreements, internal working documents and standing documents for general comments and review.

The Project Teams interacted with the Accessibility Forum membership through the project website, presentations at the general Forum meetings and through the Strategic Management Council.